The Zeochem Difference

Zeochem is a quality-oriented Swiss company with locations throughout the world. We strive to provide excellent, responsive service, consistent and high-quality products and the expertise to help you find product and service solutions.

When it comes to meeting productivity and performance requirements, you can depend on us for consistent, high-quality products and personalized service. All products are analyzed to ensure expected performance using international testing standards and, when required, proprietary test procedures specific to your applications.

Our technical service team, engineers and chemists have decades of experience and are here to answer questions, troubleshoot and find solutions to your most challenging problems. Our responsive team of industry experts can provide designs and products that optimize performance and reliability for your application. Zeochem is here for you as a trusted advisor and partner throughout the life of the products.

Zeochem is committed to customer-focused innovation. Our R&D and sales teams partner with you to offer custom solutions and products. We are continually developing new products with optimum performance for existing and new applications – offering better service lifetimes with more efficient materials.

Zeochem's technical service team, engineers and chemists have decades of experience and are here to answer questions, troubleshoot and find solutions to your most challenging problems. Our experts can guide you through product selection and provide you with application-specific technical advice.

Custom Solutions

Our History

High Quality by Tradition

Zeochem, a manufacturer of high-quality molecular sieves, chromatography gels and deuterated compounds, was established more than 200 years ago. With manufacturing facilities in Rüti, Switzerland; Louisville, Ky.; Donghai, China; and Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer a wide range of high-performance products and provide coordinated global support."

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Quality Systems

We are committed to providing safe and quality products and services. We achieve this by promoting an empowered and responsive, quality-driven culture with the active engagement of all individuals, including top management. It is important that all employees are engaged, understand their responsibility and take action to serve you and protect our reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier.

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Products & Applications

Our Products

All finished products are analyzed and certified against specifications by our quality control lab, which is independent of the manufacturing operation. We use test methods according to international norms and have also developed proprietary test procedures specific to your applications to ensure our products give the expected performance.

We are in compliance with the standard of international quality system boards (ISO 9001) and with those of scores of critical customers in demanding industries.

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Our Applications

Our broad range of technical products have been developed for a wide range of applications. Our technical team is well-versed in the specific properties and advantages of our product portfolio.

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Management Team

Zeochem's Global Management team is dedicated to investing in maximizing our employee's strengths through safety, training and ongoing professional development programs, ensuring we continually meet our customers' needs.

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Research & Development

Our R&D teams focus on new product development, existing product improvement and understanding how our products are used in your applications to create new products and customized solutions.

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Environment, Health & Safety

Zeochem recognizes that excellence in environmental, health and safety performance is essential for a successful business, and we are committed to providing a work environment that promotes health and the highest level of safety.

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Zeochem is a fast-paced global organization looking for results-driven individuals. With its entrepreneurial atmosphere, we promote an environment which supports innovation, problem-solving and a forward-thinking approach.

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