Technical Support

Zeochem’s team of technical service engineers and scientists has decades of experience in designing molecular sieve units, their operation and overall maintenance.

From the start, our technical service engineers can provide conceptual advice and design support for your project. As the project moves forward, we can review the detailed designs and answer any questions regarding our products and their use in your operation. Even at the very end, our team provides support with consultation on change orders and startup assistance when the unit is commissioned. After-sale service is available for troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Of increasing importance is the training we can provide to your engineers, supervisors and operators. Our expertise in the field has been recognized and demonstrated around the world in seminars, conferences, papers and individual presentations. Let us share our knowledge about the proper operation of your adsorption unit and how best to prolong sieve life.

“Zeochem has given me the opportunity to support a diverse set of global clients via meetings in numerous countries throughout all regions of the world. Zeochem has also given me the tools and training to develop the expertise to lead these discussions with multifunctional teams. Members of these teams range from sales personnel to engineering house technology experts from plant operators to site managers.”

Nick Hammond, Technical Service Engineer

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