Chromatography Gels - Microbeads

Zeochem’s spheroidal shape bonded silica gel, offered under the brand name ZEObeads, is a chemically modified stationary phase with superior process performance at economic levels. Strict quality controls from raw material to finished product ensure high lot-to-lot reproducibility and tightly controlled specifications.

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ZEOprep, ZEObeads and ZEOsphere excel in their efficiency to create the best filtration, separation and purification solutions for a large variety of compounds and/or industries.

  • ZEObeads - Bonded Spheroidal Silica
  • ZEObeads 50 C18 / 20-30µm
  • ZEObeads 50 C8 / 20-30µm
  • ZEObeads 50 Diol / 20–30µm
  • ZEObeads 50 NH2 / 20-30µm

ZEObeads - Bonded Spheroidal Silica

ZEObeads silica gels are used as column packing material for general purification of natural products, food and cosmetics ingredients, as well as in the purification of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. They perform particularly well as packing material for flash cartridges. Their spheroidal shape provides a better distribution of the solvent flow in the column. A more straightforward flow behavior will reduce time and solvent consumption. Both aspects result in an overall higher resolution and yield.

ZEObeads silica gels provide an optimized flow rate and a decrease of back pressure on the columns. Increased flow rate and better flow distribution allow for a significantly higher separation performance. ZEObeads materials are available in various types of bonding and laboratory to industrial-scale quantities.

ZEObeads 50 C18 / 20-30µm

Spheroidal shape alkyl-bonded silica used in reversed-phase chromatography, preferably where superior flow performance and selectivity are needed.

ZEObeads 50 C8 / 20-30µm

Spheroidal shape silica with a reduced alkyl chain length, slightly less hydrophobic in reversed-phase chromatography. The shorter alkyl chain length allows better interaction with the target compound in some cases.

ZEObeads 50 Diol / 20–30µm

Spheroidal shape, diol-bonded silica. It has more polarity than alkyl-bonded silica and is well designed for use in reversed-phase and normal-phase chromatography.

ZEObeads 50 NH2 / 20-30µm

Spheroidal shape amine-bonded silica. It is used in normal phase chromatography for target compounds with more alkaline pH and is an excellent metal scavenger under conditions of superior flow performance.